Hi. I’m Aimee.  I’m the girl who seemingly has it all together, but truthfully could be one bad day away from a meltdown. (mostly kidding)

In 2013, after a chain of not-so-fun health issues, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

After dealing with the emotions that came along with not only the diagnosis, but also the social stigma behind anxiety, I realized that owning it was the first step to really healing. It’s okay to not always be okay. Accepting and loving who I am, entirely, has been the best thing I have ever done to grow in a positive way.  Now, instead of looking at my anxiety as something I should mask, I have learned not only how to handle it, but also how to joyfully embrace it. Through the strengthen of my faith, supportive family and friends, and the adoption of various healthy habits, I have become a better (happier/more authentic) version of myself.  There’s a peace that came over me when I realized this hurdle was actually a gift from God to help others, brace me during hard times and keep me grounded during the good ones.

That’s why I’m here.  I know we all struggle. Whether it’s for a moment, a season, or a lifetime, we all experience things that quite literally leave us at a loss for action. I’ve discovered how to create a balance that works for me and hopefully will for you too.  Let’s tackle this together.  Let’s make a masterpiece out of the mess we’ve been given. It’s actually quite beautiful.