A Few of my Favorite Books

I love to read. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you I’m typically reading more than one book at a time and finishing one every couple weeks.

Reading the right kind of book will challenge you, change your thinking and motivate you in ways you didn’t expect. The best books are the ones that leave you wanting to become a better person or help the world in some way. I’ve also noticed that reading helps elevate my mood tremendously. So, instead of scrolling through social media and comparing your life someone else’s, check out some of these awesome reads.

Mended is one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read it multiple times and each time I can apply it to whatever is going on in my life. This book reveals how God uses even the most broken pieces of your life to perfectly mold you into the person God has intended you to be. I first read this book when I was in the midst of my battle with anxiety and found myself pretty much crying every night. Take that with a grain of salt because I have a super sensitive soul. Don’t avoid this book because you don’t want to cry. 🙂 Angie Smith is a vulnerable and unbelievably talented writer. She’s raw, witty and talks about the stuff that’s hard to admit. I think we would be friends, because that’s right up my alley.

Bob Goff is hilarious and has a zest for life that is unparalleled to most. I don’t personally know him, but I have several friends who do, and they all confirm that he is truly one of kindest humans they have ever met. It certainly shines through in his books.  This is a super easy read and would be a good fit for anyone just starting out with his or her walk with the Lord. It’s funny, adventurous and leaves you full of joy. The title pretty much sums up what it’s about. He applies his personal experiences to how far choosing to love can change, not only your world, but the lives of others. Love is a verb.

I was skeptical of this book before reading it. One of my friends recommended it, and I don’t typically like “in your face charismatic” authors, but this book rocks. It’s certainly a book of hard truths, so if you’re not in a place to think outside the box (no pun intended) maybe start with some of the others. He addresses the way we think and how the enemy can help you become your mind’s own worse enemy. It’s a great book for anyone, but certainly for people who dwell or need help being mindful.

I read this book in two days. I’m sure you can guess why. I have given this book to more than a handful of friends and they all loved it. I read it after a break up, a time when I felt really anxious. Honestly, I hadn’t had issues with daily anxiety and the “blah” feeling for over a year prior to that break up and this book snapped me out of it almost immediately. I have it next to my nightstand in a basket for a quick reference, ya know, in case of an emergency. 🙂 I strongly suggest highlighting sections of books that hit home for you so you can go back later and remember why that book changed your thinking.

This is the first book I read when I didn’t know I had anxiety. All I knew was that I didn’t like the feeling in my gut. So, my sister suggested this book. Almost all of Joyce Meyer’s books revolve around positive thinking because she really struggles with being a negative person. In my opinion, this one takes the cake. I like her other books as well, but I always come back to Battlefield of the Mind. It’s straight forward and gives you a great framework on how to make some serious changes in the way you think and live your life.

Pete Wilson will always hold a special place in my heart. He was my pastor in Nashville at Cross Point Community Church and I love him dearly. He writes like he talks, appealing to new believers and everyone in between. If you find yourself paralyzed by uncertainly, which may be holding you back from taking the next step in chasing after the life you desire; this is the book for you. Empty Promises and Plan B are also great books by Pete. I have a dog named Pete. He may or may not find that as a compliment.

Christine Caine is a rock star. I went to a Christian conference and heard her speak. I immediately went out and bought all of her books. She has a passion for putting a stop to human sex trafficking and the way she preaches is mind-blowing. She had a hard upbringing and fought through some pretty tough obstacles to gain her confidence back. I think we can all relate to that to some extent. If you don’t like to read and this entire post is a wash for you, promise me you will at least listen to her on YouTube. Her other book, Undaunted, is a must read as well.

This book is a game changer for the socially acceptable ways this culture defines dating and marriage. I’ve read it when I was in a relationship and then again when I was single. Truthfully, I got more out of it single because I spent less time putting blame and more time absorbing my own true, unrealistic expectations about how I thought I “deserved” to be loved. It’s a slower read, but worth it. A few of my married friends claim it changed their marriage in the best possible way.

Okay, I’ll stop there. I’m tempted to continue, but this is a good start. What are your favorite books? I would love to discover more. I’ve heard people who read tend to be smarter. I have no idea if that’s true, but I’m going to believe it. 🙂

Read away,

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A 33 year old Nashville female who loves Jesus and looks at life for what it is; messy and beautiful. After writing for Christian magazines and nonprofit blogs, Balanced Chaos came to life when she realized the world needed a raw dose of reality.

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