Faith. Courage. Change.

One of my good friends from Nashville, Brandi Thornhill, always gives me the best advice. We could talk for days, with every conversation leaving me with a sore jaw from laughing so hard. Totally worth it.  We may live far apart these days, but we certainly never miss a beat. Over the past couple years, she has been through a lot. She has more strength than almost any woman I know (Wendy you make the list too).  I couldn’t think of a better person to talk about faith, courage and change.


Guest Blog by: Brandi Thornhill


Three crucial words to assisting us all  – as individuals – to walk through the real struggles and the real demons that we each encompass in this life.

Whether they be similar to my struggles; heartbreak so real you feel as though you are drowning, the loss of a child, questions of self-worth, finding forgiveness in the midst of darkness, or even walking thru seasons of change with a brave face for everyone to see all the while an insurmountable measure of fear is tucked away for no one to see: or those you hold on your own.  At some point, we all live with struggles, we all live with demons.  It’s a reality of this thing called life.

The challenge ⇒ How to have The faith. The courage. When you know you desperately want The change. To fin the good again. To pick your head and your heart up off the floor. To dream big enough to believe that the sun will come out again tomorrow.

Walking through my own struggles and facing my own demons, I’ve come to two conclusions and one deafening question:  I have the faith √ and I desire the change √, but goodness gracious finding the courage is overwhelming.


Why do we not fight for ourselves the way we fight for someone we are in love with? The way we fight for our dearest friends to laugh when laughing is hard or the way we fight for a place on the career ladder.


….. because of the comfort.  The comfort those now struggles, those now demons, once brought.  No one wants to let go of that comfort.  We desperately want to cling to that feeling; to hold tightly onto comfort, for it keeps our souls warm.

I’ve decided that the new year means nothing if I stay in love with my comfort zone. The new years means nothing to you if you stay in love with your comfort zone, either.

With faith, we can still hold onto that soul-warming comfort, but we have to recognize that perhaps that season has passed and move to transition that comfort using a biblically guarded heart.  A place that will keep it forever warm, forever safe.  With guarded hearts, we can find the courage to face the change.

Forever, I choose to hold onto that allowing Matthew 6:34 to remind me …

Forever, I will hold comfort in my heart and with faith I will discover the courage.  The courage to change the struggles into new life, new comforts.  To walk confidently believing that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow

Praying you all the same faith. courage. change.




Note from Aimee: GOSH, I LOVE HER!!! Thank you Brandi. Meow. 

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A 33 year old Nashville female who loves Jesus and looks at life for what it is; messy and beautiful. After writing for Christian magazines and nonprofit blogs, Balanced Chaos came to life when she realized the world needed a raw dose of reality.

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