Life Happens

Have you ever had so much to say that you don’t know where to start?  That’s how I feel. I haven’t been on Balanced Chaos in months.  This was intentional. Sometimes you have to take a break from something if you feel God is pulling you in another direction.  Can I get an Amen? 😉

In any regard, I’m back and ready to share some life with you. A lot has happened over the past 8 months, so let’s jump in.

Let me give you the 45 second rundown of  life from Jan. 1, 2018 to present.

January: Luke and I were getting serious.  I mean let’s face it, we were serious from day one. We both knew in our hearts how this would end up. In fact, he bought me a tank top once that read “Nacho Average Bride” – I mean, of course he did. Anything with tacos, burritos or nachos is going to make the cut.

February: My house broke ground. This has been one of my proudest moments; buying a house as a single female. I would say #BossBabe, but I really don’t love that phrase. It would be more like me to hashtag #blessed. See…both super corny.

March-April: Just a bunch of life. Let’s skip ahead.

May: Closed on my house! It was such a happy and emotional time.  I was so proud and also in a stage where I knew Luke would one day be sharing that home with me. Because of that, from day one, I have called it “our home”.  He may not live with me, but he sure does help with 50% of everything. Okay, 75%. Jeez.

June: This is what I will call our “learning month”.  We were at the stage of our relationship where real life was happening and we were finding out what annoyed us. Ya know, that really fun stage where you find out that your boyfriend has been using your toothbrush and towel and you think your head is going to explode because, “holy moly, does that mean he is going to have no boundaries when you get married?!”  Yeah – that hormonal-crazy stage. You get it.  I knew you would.

July: We got engaged! (I promise to share tons of engagement stories and life with you)

August: LIFE IS CRAZY. Crazy in a good way. We are both slammed with work. House projects are taking over our lives. Wedding planning is not at bad as I thought, but I know it will get busy over the next few months. And we are both just over-the-moon excited to get married. I mean, I can’t wait to be a Rodgers.

Moral of the story: God is FAITHFUL. He delivers promises beyond our wildest expectations. He has a funny sense of humor, especially considering how he brought Luke and I together. 🙂  He is always trying to communicate with us. And wow, he loves us. And guess what – he wants to blow your mind too. So live life with your eyes wide open.  God is waiting to bless you.

Talk to you soon,


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A 33 year old Nashville female who loves Jesus and looks at life for what it is; messy and beautiful. After writing for Christian magazines and nonprofit blogs, Balanced Chaos came to life when she realized the world needed a raw dose of reality.

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