You Asked, I Answered

The past few  several months, I’ve been asked a ton of questions about various (and sometimes super random) areas of my life.  At times I’m great at responding…other times I fall short.

SOOO…today, on this glorious morning, I thought I would answer a few of the questions. I’m going to answer ones that have been asked multiple times, so if I don’t get to yours feel free to comment below. If I STILL don’t answer it, it’s probably because it’s too personal. K? K. 🙂


How did Luke and I meet?

We met almost 10 years ago at brunch with friends. It’s one of those moments I look back on now and think, “Man, God really does have a divine plan.” If you would have told me back then that I was going to marry the man I met on a Sunday at San Antonio Taco Company,  I would have laughed uncontrollably. Maybe Luke and I can tell the full story when we are in front of a camera.

How did we reconnect?

Summer 2016. He came to Dallas for Jordan and JoJo’s engagement party. I was living there at the time and he asked to hang out. I thought, “I’m all for catching up with an old friend.”  I truly saw Luke as just a friend.  So when he was a nervous wreck, it completely threw me off. He gave me one of the most romantic speeches I’ve ever heard and then said, “I want to intentionally pursue you.” Jaw Drop. NOT what I was expecting. AT ALL.

He likes to say I “turned him down three times”, but I just wasn’t ready for a relationship and the idea of being more than friends after knowing him that long felt weird.

We developed a very strong friendship, but when he sent me flowers on my birthday, I knew I couldn’t stay as close to him because it was selfish on my part. So in November, I told him I wasn’t going to date him. (Look how that turned out)

How old am I? How old is Luke?

I am 31 and Luke is 36.

Do I have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I don’t know if these are considered talents, but nevertheless, okay. Um, I was pretty athletic growing up.  I played soccer and ran cross country.  I love to write, but typically have to be inspired or nothing good comes out. I occasionally write for a local magazine. It’s difficult because I work full time and all that jazz.

Hmmmm….I can stand on my head for a long time. Does that count? Oh, and I love to go for walks and ride bicycles.

What are ten things we don’t know about you?

TEN? Man, oh man. Okay, let’s think…

  1. I’m an extroverted introvert. (Meaning, I’m outgoing when in a social scene, but only for a certain amount of time before wanting to shut down. I get “energy” from being at home and doing my own thing.)
  2. I take a bath every night to relax, and honestly, I really don’t like washing my face above a sink. I know that’s odd.
  3. I change my pillow case every few days. If I’m being really honest, I am somewhat OCD about my skincare routine and what may break me out. I have very sensitive skin.
  4. I cry often, mostly out of empathy. And nervous laugh when I am sad or something bad happens. I rarely cry when I am mad. Isn’t that weird? (defense mechanism, or so I’ve been told)
  5. I can’t hold a grudge to save my life.
  6. I am deathly afraid of spiders. Real life example, my mom shows me the bug invoice when I come home to visit.
  7. I am allergic to avocados.
  8. I go to bed late. I want to change that.
  9. Performing “concerts” in the bathtub, in front of the mirror, or “live for Luke” makes me so happy. It just makes Luke laugh. (could be a courtesy laugh, but I don’t care)
  10. I love to design, but dislike anything else creative.

Do we have a wedding date yet?

Yes, we do! April 7th.

Do Luke and I live together?

No, we don’t (number one question we get asked). He lives 8 blocks from me.

What type of makeup do I use?

If I want to wear foundation, I wear Makeup Forever HD because it’s the only thing that doesn’t break me out. I have combo skin, therefore I sometimes get a little shiny from it.

NARS concealer (vanilla) and NARS bronzer/blush. I don’t know the color and I’m in bed at midnight writing this…so yeah.

Bare Minerals most days.

Marc Jacobs – Mascara

Eyeshadow for eyeliner and chapstick (always)

What annoys me most about Luke?

How he chews when he takes big bites.

What do I love the most about Luke?

The way he loves Jesus and the way he loves his family and friends (myself included). He is the most selfless man I have ever met.

His lack of complaining. (I need to take notes)

How he ALWAYS does what he says he is going to do. ALWAYS.

His patience and inability to hold a grudge. I love that about him.

His humor (most of the time)

….I could go on, but will stop there.

What do I love most about his family?

Their unwavering faith.

AND Luke’s parents treat me like their own child. They are good as gold to me, but also grounded, honest and authentic.

Do I have a big family? Am I close with my family?

My family is very close. Like, live 5 houses down from your aunt and grandma close. Ya feel me?

Am I friends with JoJo and Jordan?

Yes, of course. Friends and family.

What kind of cut is my engagement ring?

Elongated cushion.

What has been my favorite place to travel?

Israel. I could talk about that trip all day long. If you are a believer you must go; worth every penny. Heck, even if you aren’t, the history is incredible.

What do I do for a living?

I work in medical sales. That’s why I’m always in scrubs! 🙂

How long have a been a Christian?

Since 8th grade, but I really grew my relationship with God a year or two after college. Every year has been better and better. God is so freaking awesome.

Okay – that should do it for now! Comment below with any other questions! xoxo


p.s. Spelling errors courtesy of delirious, 1:00 am writing. I will proof read tomorrow. 🙂

Photography: Kelsey Wilson Photography


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A 33 year old Nashville female who loves Jesus and looks at life for what it is; messy and beautiful. After writing for Christian magazines and nonprofit blogs, Balanced Chaos came to life when she realized the world needed a raw dose of reality.

5 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answered

  1. I forgot how much we are alike!!!

    I take baths nightly as much as possible to relax! That is when I don’t have a kiddo trying to climb in!!

    I HATE washing my face in the sink too, it’s soooo messy!!

    I LOVE being home too! I just feel so motivated when I am there!

    I love you friend! AND I miss you dearly!!! Let’s meet up soon!


  2. You’re an Ambivert, its in between Extrovert and Introvert. I’m the same way.
    I love avocados so that sucks for you.
    I had washing at the sink too. I use Philosophy facial cleanser with a cleansing brush.


  3. You’re an Ambivert, its in between Extrovert and Introvert. I’m the same way.
    I love avocados so that sucks for you.
    I hate washing at the sink too. I use Philosophy facial cleanser with a cleansing brush.


  4. I am allergic to avocados. LOL Jeremy is very allergic to them as well!
    and I personally think you have lots of talent


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